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Rhine's Beaded Necklace and Shawl

Doll Charity
I find the donate-a-doll programs to be worthy of time and effort.  As a pattern drafter I offer up the patterns below to be used for your doll charity needs.

These dolls and animals may be mass produced and resized but cannot be sold for profit.  If they are mass produced they must be donated.  They are intended to be a free pattern for dollmakers wishing to do charitable work.

If you wish to share your experiences using my patterns, feel free to contact me.

The Doll Charity Patterns:  (click below for patterns)
General instructions:  Jointed | Rag
Jointed | Rag
Jointed | Rag
Jointed | Rag
Basic Clothes
**Please note that due to Hurricane Katrina, I was in a rush to finish this page.  If my pattern instructions are unclear, email me for clarification.  A basic pattern for a diaper and a sundress will be added.**

The "Doll Charity" pattern section is dedicated in memory of my grandmother, Antoinette Lenfestey (d. February 5, 2005) and her giving spirit.

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